Swing hopping for organizers

Swing Hopping is a website to help swing dancers find swing events to visit and for organizers to promote their events.

Why Swing Hopping?

Facebook is probably already one major platform for your communication, and Swing Hopping uses the information you already put there.

  • Only update information in one place (Facebook).
  • You have the control over what information is presented on this website, in real-time.

How to publish an event to Swing Hopping

Swing Hopping gathers events for swing dancers (Authentic jazz, Balboa, Blues, Boogie woogie, Charleston, Collegiate shag, Lindy hop, St Louis shag). Your event should be at least two days long with at least one evening of social dancing.

Swing Hopping gets event data from Facebook. Probably it will not take long before we find your event ourselves, but if you want to speed up the process, you can give us the link to your event and we will make sure to add it asap.

  1. Publish a public event to Facebook.
  2. Make sure the page that is hosting the event has no visibility restrictions.
  3. Provide the event link to Swing Hopping.
  4. Edit the event as you please and you don't need to notify us.

How to fix a mistake on Swing Hopping

If the information is correct on your Facebook event, it should be correct on Swing Hopping. If you just fixed a mistake, it can take up to an hour before the changes is shown on Swing Hopping. You might want to go through the following checklist to make sure your event gets the best possible exposure.

Description All event information comes from your Facebook event. If the description is too long, short or shows an error, you need you make the changes in your Facebook event.

Location Make sure the location of your event gets a proper geo tag on your Facebook event, or we will not be able to show it properly on Swing Hopping. If your event shows weird location data, try re-adding the location on your Facebook event and make sure Facebook recognizes the location.

Dates You'll want to add an end date to your Facebook event, so that we can show how long your event will continue for. This is also useful for your event attendees. If we don't have an end date we can only show when the event starts.

Popularity We calculate the popularity of your event from the number of Facebook attendees that you have. To get higher popularity on Swing Hopping, you need to spread your Facebook event (and we can help you do that).


If you want specific exposure on the website, it is possible to advertise. Read more on the advertising page and contact us for enquiries.

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