Swing hopping for advertisers

Why Swing Hopping?

Swing Hopping is a website to help swing dancers find swing events to visit and for organizers to promote their events. The Swing Hopping website is brand new (it secretly launched June 1st 2016 and got it's first proper outing on September 27th 2016). Therefore no statistics is yet available. The site is still Beta, but with ambitions to grow into not only the best swing dance calendar available, but to become really useful for everyone involved. If you would like to promote something on this website it needs to be relevant for swing dancers.

Categories of products and services we would like to help promote are for example

  • Dance events.
  • Dance shoes.
  • Retro/vintage style clothing.
  • Relevant flights.
  • Relevant accomodation.

How to get started with advertising on Swing Hopping

Contact us with your ideas. We are happy to make custom made solutions for your needs, as long as it is tasteful.

If you need help putting together a nice looking banner we can help with that too.

Pay per month, per click or per view.

The most popular upcoming events from the calendar

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