Swing Hopping FAQ

Why Swing Hopping?

Swing Hopping is not just another event calendar or an event listing website! Swing Hopping gives swing dancers inspiration to travel and dance and discover swing events to visit.

Swing dancers will find that the website is easy to navigate and a smart tool to find a suitable event using filters like where, when and what they want to dance, and by visualising the events on a geographical map. Swing Hopping have many functions that makes it a unique and powerful swing dance planning tool.

Criteria check list to have an event published with Swing Hopping

  • Your event is for dancers of Swing, Lindy hop, Balboa, Authentic jazz, Charleston, Tap, Blues, Collegiate shag, St Louis shag and/or Boogie woogie.
  • Your event is at least two consecutive days long. We count workshops and/or social dancing within the dance types above.
  • You provide information for an international audience (i.e. in English).

Can you add my event?

If it follows the above criterias, gladly! Simply provide us with the information here.

How to add a new event to the listing

  1. Make sure the event follows the criterias (read above).
  2. Check the calendar if the event is already published.
  3. Submit the information about the event via the submit new event form on the Add event page.

How to edit an event in the calendar

Submit the information about the event via the edit event form on the Add event page.

Advertising with Swing Hopping

If you want specific exposure on the website, it is possible to advertise. Please contact us for enquiries.