Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Hop 2019

Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Hop 2019

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York, United Kingdom

Friday 8th to Sunday 10th of February 2019

Duration: 3 days

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This is our biggest event of the year !!! We'll be running multiple swing dance workshops over three days, with some of greatest teachers from near and far. There will also be some fantastic social events. It will be a amazing weekend so don’t miss out - register here: https://uoyswingdance.wixsite.com/whipmawhopmahop2019
Lindy Hop:
Nils Andrén and Bianca Locatelli (Sweden)
Jenny Thomas and Scott Cupit (UK)
Rasmus Holmqvist and Mona Reithmeier (Sweden & Germany)
Solo Jazz:
Nancy Hitzig (Canada)
Hoppers - Improver Lindy Hop
You’ve been dancing for less than a year and have the basic footwork down. You've begun to social dance and attend workshops outside of weekly classes, but you're looking for that extra boost to really make your dancing click into place. This stream will help you build on your basic steps and develop your technique, as well as increasing your confidence on the social dancefloor, and challenging you with some new material.
Boppers - Intermediate Lindy Hop
You’ve been dancing for more than a year, and enjoy social dancing with a range of people. You’re beginning to introduce some musicality into your dancing, and are reasonably confident with adding variations, although not necessarily with a 100% success rate. You are confident with a variety of standard moves and are comfortable with the typical 6 and 8 count patterns. This stream will encourage you to break out of these patterns and look at movement, rather than just moves (although there will be plenty of new, more advanced moves to look forward to!). Prepare to improve your technique and work on your core moves and techniques.
Toppers - Advanced Lindy Hop
You’ve been dancing for a couple of years and are confident dancing to a range of tempos, from blues-y slow to balboa-y fast. Your fundamental moves are solid and you dance with your own style. Be prepared to push your technique to the limit; it’s about the quality of the moves, not the quantity. This stream will be fine-tuning some technical issues, but will also blow your mind with complex footwork, breaking away from the typical 6 and 8 count patterns. It will be challenging!
Whizz-Whoppers - Solo Jazz
Returning to Whip-Ma-Whop-Ma-Hop,is the solo jazz track! We will have the fabulous Nancy Hitzig giving us a masterclass of jazz, to give you the extra chops for when you need to swing dance solo. We recommend this stream for dancers with some level of experience (you don't have to be advanced) who are looking for something fresh and exciting to give their dancing an extra 'wow factor'. This does mean there will be new, wacky and quite fast moves, so be prepared!

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