Level Up - Pep that Step!

Level Up - Pep that Step!

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd of June 2019

Duration: 3 days

Where to stay in Glasgow June 21st to 23rd

Registration is open!

Hosted by Glasgow Lindyhoppers.

Contact Glasgow Lindyhoppers via their Facebook event page.

Glasgow Lindyhoppers are delighted to announce the return of Level Up! for its third year!
Also returning to Glasgow are two of our faves – Trisha Sewell and Ben Cook.
Level Up – Pep that Step! will focus on taking your dancing to the next level. This is a chance to improve your technique, to hone your leading and following skills and to get your power bars up to full strength.
Follow track – Sugabomb with Trisha!
Sugabomb is a philosophy. We want all followers to feel fabulous and confident about their dancing, and to find their own ‘unique sweetness’.
This program is an introduction to our philosophy which gives followers a deeper understanding about the core skills required to develop your individual personality and to be an amazing follower. This includes working on body awareness, posture, connection and variations. Followers will get to spend the whole weekend working with Trisha.
Lead track with Ben!
Spending their weekend working with Ben, leaders will have the chance to focus on their own body and movement as well as honing in on key aspects of leading.
Ben will take leaders through a programme designed to develop essential leading skills, including working on quality of movement, body leading, footwork variations, improvisation and efficiency, anchoring and stretch.

More details, schedule and ticket options to come soon.
So don your plumber overalls, slip on your power sneakers and get ready to Level Up!

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